10 Best Rank Tracking Software for Bloggers

If keyword research is important, so is keyword tracking. You must keep an eye on how your content is performing in Google search results. You will need a rank tracker tool to track your key phrases or keywords.

Of course, you can use Google Search Console to track your keywords, but the platform is quite limited. If daily rank checking, local rank tracking, and tracking keywords across major search engines are important for you, you will need a rank checker program.

If you are unable to decide which software to use, this article will guide you.

Best Rank Tracking Software: TL;DR
01. SERPWatcher: Best for Rookies with No Previous Experience
02. SE Ranking: Best Overall
03. Sitechecker: Best for Budget Users
04. Wincher: Best for Competitor Analysis & Local Rank Tracking
05. Ahrefs: Best SEO Tool With Comparative Rank Tracking
06. AccuRanker: Best for Fastest Rank Tracking
07. Semrush: Best Rank Checker Tool for SEO Professionals & Marketing Agencies
08. MOZ Pro: Best Tool for Keyword Research
09. Advanced Web Ranking: Best for White Label Reports
10. SEO Powersuite: Best Free Keyword Rank Tracking Tool

What Is A Keyword Rank Tracker?

A keyword rank tracking tool helps you to keep an eye on the position of your keywords in SERPs or Search Engine Result Pages. This is important to track your rankings because it helps you to adjust your SEO strategy and content quality so that you can outsmart your competitors and rank higher in SERPs. A higher ranking means more search traffic, and hence, more revenue from whatever monetization strategy you are using.

How Can Rank Tracking Software Help to Grow Your Business?

Rank tracking software tools can help your business to grow in various ways including (but not limited to):

  • Perform a comparative analysis of your top competitors to improve your content & SEO strategy so that your content ranks better in SERPs.
  • Identify click-through rate (CTR) issues and fix them so that more people click on your website link in SERPs.
  • Identify new opportunities to increase your revenue by focusing on those keywords (and content) that can rank higher with some tweaking.
  • Troubleshoot a sudden drop in your organic traffic and perform appropriate off-page and on-page SEO to regain traffic.

SERP tracking is vital. If you don’t have enough budget, for now, you can use the free trial offered by various rank checking tools. Though trials usually have limited tracking features, you can still use them to improve your SEO performance.

Types of Rank Tracking Software

SEO rank tracking programs come in various forms. Some are dedicated tools for checking the position of keywords while others are a part of a bigger SEO toolset. People often go for a complete SEO suite that fulfills various needs such as keyword research, finding keyword search volumes, checking search engine ranking, backlink analysis, content ideation, competitor analysis, and more.

Using an entire suite of SEO tools makes more sense for small businesses and individual bloggers because that reduces the overall cost in the long run. Using separate SEO software and keyword tracker tools can be very expensive.

In general, you will find 3 types of rank tracker tools that can be classified into three broad categories:

  • Desktop applications: These are standalone software that you must install on your desktop. you will need an active internet connection to make them work. They can track a large number of keywords and ensures that Google doesn’t block you because of human errors.
  • SaaS applications: These are software installed on web servers. You must use a website interface to access the software. You must pay a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly subscription fee to use these programs. Of course, you will need a suitable web browser and an internet connection.
  • Browser applications: These are essentially extensions and apps that you can on your web browser. One of the biggest challenges of these apps is that when you try to track many keywords at once, Google may block them.

The most popular variants are the SaaS applications because they eliminate the need for installing any program on your desktop. Plus, you can access them from anywhere you want (provided you have an internet connection), and they ensure that Google doesn’t block them while checking ranking data for many keywords at once.

10 Best Rank Tracking Software in 2022

Let’s take a deeper look into the different keyword research tools listed above.


Best for Rookies With No Previous Experience
Mangools SERPWatcher

SERPWatcher by Mangools is the best keyword rank tracking solution for rookies. One of the finest features of this tool is that it can provide an estimate of the organic traffic your webpage can receive based on the ranking position of a keyword.

The tool provides keyword data daily and even displays SERP previews. If there is a significant change in the ranking of any keyword that you are tracking, you will immediately receive an email. Plus, there are multiple filters like city, DMA region, county, state, etc., that you can use to display ranking data precisely the way you need it. SERPWatcher also provides mobile keyword tracking data.

SERPWatcher Key Features

  • Device support: Tracks keywords for both mobile and desktop devices.
  • Daily checks: Checks keyword rank every day.
  • Alerts: Provides email alerts for significant ranking changes.
  • Organize keywords: You can organize keywords using tags.
  • Performance index: Provides potential organic traffic estimates based on the position of a keyword in SERPs.
  • Interactive reports: Generates shareable interactive reports.

SERPWatcher Pricing

Mangools SERPWatcher Pricing Plans

SERPWatcher is a part of the complete SEO suite that Mangools offers. To use SERPWatcher, you must purchase a subscription for the whole SEO toolset. You can save 40% if you opt for an annual subscription. They also offer a free trial for 10 days. There are three pricing tiers:

Mangools Basic: Costs $49 a month

  • Every 24 hours, get 100 keyword lookups.
  • For every search, get 200 keyword suggestions.
  • For every search get 25 competitor keywords.
  • Track 200 keywords daily.

Mangools Premium: Costs $69 a month

  • Every 24 hours, get 500 keyword lookups.
  • For every search, get 700 keyword suggestions.
  • For every search get unlimited competitor keywords.
  • Track 700 keywords daily.

Mangools Agency: Costs $129 a month

  • Every 24 hours, get 1,200 keyword lookups.
  • For every search, get 700 keyword suggestions.
  • For every search get unlimited competitor keywords.
  • Track 1,500 keywords daily.

Mangools SERPWatcher

If you are new to SEO and you need something super simple to keep an eye on your keyword performance in search results, this tool is for you.

SE Ranking

Best Overall
SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a highly advanced tool for checking keyword position and rank changes. It is super easy to use and apart from offering rank updates, it also analyzes your competing business, checks & tracks your backlinks, finds SEO errors on your site, and even researches new keywords for content creation.

You can track keyword positions across multiple search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, & even YouTube. You can even track keyword positions using different filters like ZIP code, city, country, device, etc.

SE Ranking Key Features

  • Position tracking: It will track the positions of your important keywords in SERPs.
  • Competition analysis: It will analyze the SERP performance of competing websites and allows adjusting content strategy. It can also find the keywords and ads that your competitors are using to drive traffic.
  • Backlink analysis: It will check your backlinks and track them. It can also study the backlinks of your competitors that you can use to devise a link-building strategy.
  • On-page SEO analysis: It will check your posts and pages to find SEO issues so that you can make necessary improvements.
  • Keyword search: It can perform keyword research and provide search volumes for various keywords that have the potential to rank.
  • Reporting: It will generate clean and easy-to-understand reports.

SE Ranking Pricing

SE Ranking Pricing Plans

SE Ranking offers needs-based pricing. The price will change depending on the number of keywords you want to track. There are three pricing tiers:

Essential: Pricing starts at $39 a month

  • Check keyword positions every day.
  • Add 10 projects and up to 5 competitors for each project.
  • Track 250 keywords.
  • Monitor 6,000 backlinks.

Pro: Pricing starts at $89 a month

  • Check keyword positions every day.
  • Add unlimited projects and up to 10 competitors for each project.
  • Track 1,000 keywords.
  • Monitor 30,000 backlinks.

Business: Pricing starts at $189 a month

  • Check keyword positions every day.
  • Add unlimited projects and up to 20 competitors for each project.
  • Track 2,500 keywords.
  • Monitor 90,000 backlinks.

SE Ranking has a 14-day free trial that you can use to evaluate the program.

SE Ranking

If you need a perfect balance of features, affordability, and ease of use, SE Ranking’s all-in-one SEO suite will never disappoint you.


Best for Budget Users

Sitechecker is a complete SEO tool and the rank tracking solution is only a part of it. It is perfect for individuals on a tight budget. It allows to track keyword rankings using various aspects of indexing such as keywords, degree of visibility, etc. You can use the whole Sitechecker suite to perform SEO audits, backlink tracking, and a range of other SEO activities.

Sitechecker Key Features

  • Search engines: The rank tracking feature supports multiple search engines.
  • Device support: It provides ranking data for both mobile and desktop devices.
  • Backlink monitoring: It allows tracking backlinks and devising a comprehensive backlink building policy.
  • Multiple filters: You can use various filters to track and study your keywords in search results.
  • Improvement suggestions: By analyzing your website, the tool offers valuable on-page search engine optimization suggestions.

Sitechecker Pricing

Sitechecker Pricing Plans

Sitechecker’s pricing is suitable for small businesses and individual bloggers. However, they offer a 7-day free trial for you to evaluate the platform. There are four pricing tiers:

Basic: Costs $29 a month

  • Add 3 websites.
  • Track 150 keywords.
  • Local and mobile rank tracking support.
  • Monitor 3,000 backlinks.

Startup: Costs $49 a month

  • Add 5 websites.
  • Track 500 keywords.
  • Mobile and local tracking of key terms.
  • Monitor 5,000 backlinks.

Growing: Costs $99 a month

  • Add 10 websites.
  • Track 1,000 keywords.
  • Track rankings for local search and mobile search.
  • Monitor 10,000 backlinks.

Enterprise: Costs $499 a month

  • Add unlimited websites.
  • Track 100,000 keywords.
  • Track rankings for local search and mobile search.
  • Monitor 100,000 backlinks.


If you have a small SEO budget and yet want something with a solid performance that can help you to beat your competitors in the SEO game, Sitechecker is for you.


Best for Competitor Analysis & Local Rank Tracking
Wincher Rank Tracker

Wincher isn’t a complete SEO tool. Instead, it focuses on tracking focus keywords. The good part is that it is one of the best in the market for keeping an eye on your local keyword position.

It also provides a thorough competitor analysis. The tool generates simple reports that rookies can understand easily. It does provide a keyword research feature that you can use for finding keywords with high search volume and devise a powerful content strategy.

Wincher Key Features

  • Keyword rank tracker: It can track the rankings of your primary keywords. Based on the data, you can create a content strategy.
  • Keyword discovery: Find new keywords that have high search volume.
  • Local tracking: Track the local search rankings for your keywords.
  • Competitor analysis: Provides key information about your competitors’ keywords so that you can stay ahead of them.
  • Daily updates: Tracks and provides ranking data daily.

Wincher Pricing

Wincher Pricing Plans

Wincher’s pricing depends on the number of keywords you want to track. There are three pricing tiers:

Starter: Starts at €59 per month

  • Monitor 10 websites.
  • Track 500 keywords.
  • Daily and on-demand ranking updates.

Business: Starts at €99 per month

  • Monitor unlimited websites.
  • Track 1,000 keywords.
  • Daily and on-demand ranking updates.

Enterprise: Starts at €249 per month

  • Monitor unlimited websites.
  • Track 5,000 keywords.
  • Daily and on-demand ranking updates.

Wincher offers a 14-day free trial that you can use to evaluate the tool.


If you like to modify your SEO strategy by studying what your competitors are doing to drive traffic, you will love Wincher’s competitor tracking feature.


Best SEO Tool With Comparative Rank Tracking

Ahrefs is a complete SEO suite. The keyword tracking feature is one of the many features you can enjoy with Ahrefs. It can track the positions of your key phrases for both mobile and desktop search results. Though Ahrefs is an extremely powerful tool, it cannot track the positions of keywords across multiple search engines.

However, Ahrefs will display ranking history for Google. You will receive the top search results for every key term you track. There are various filtering options available. You can filter, sort, and organize your keywords using tags and pages.

Ahrefs Key Features

  • Position distribution: The tool will show keyword positions in groups such as Positions #1-3, Positions #4-10, and so on.
  • SERP features: Ahrefs offers a SERP tracking tool that will keep an eye on your keywords using 13 SERP features like knowledge panel, knowledge cards, featured snippets, sitelinks, etc.
  • Search visibility: It will reveal the percentage of search traffic reaching your website.
  • Competitor analysis: The tool will allow you to track up to 10 competitors for every keyword you track.

Ahrefs Pricing

Ahrefs Pricing Plans

Ahrefs is expensive. You must have a decent SEO budget to use the tool. Unfortunately, you cannot use the rank tracking option as a standalone feature. There are four pricing tiers:

Lite: $99 a month

  • Rank tracking.
  • Site explorer.
  • Keyword explorer.
  • SEO dashboard.
  • Site audit.

Standard: $199 a month

  • All features of the Lite plan.
  • 6-month history.
  • SERP updates.
  • Domain comparison.
  • SERP updates.
  • Batch analysis.

Advanced: $399 a month

  • All features of the Standard plan.
  • 2-year history.
  • Dashboard folders.
  • Google Data Studio integration.

Enterprise: $999 a month

  • All features of the Enterprise plan.
  • Unlimited history.
  • Access management.
  • Directory listing.

Ahrefs used to provide a 7-day trial for $7. You can sign up for their free Webmasters Tool that will give you more powerful features than Google Search Console.

Did You Know? Ahrefs has launched a new search engine called ‘Yep.’ It will share 90% of revenue with the content creators. Learn more about Yep.


If you have enough SEO budget and you want a powerful SEO toolkit that can monitor your keywords and let you spy on your competitors, Ahrefs is a steal!


Best for Fastest Rank Tracking

AccuRanker is the world’s fastest rank tracking tool. You can receive ranking updates every other hour. You can even pull ranking data on demand and the data will refresh within seconds.

Though it is a very accurate rank tracking tool, it is suitable for SEO agencies. The platform will allow custom template reporting. There are many metrics that advanced users can use for filtering data as required. The company will also provide a one-on-one session about best practices when you subscribe to one of their paid plans.

AccuRanker Key Features

  • Fastest tracking: Not only will the data update automatically every 24 hours, but you can also get data on your keyword position every other hour. They also have on-demand ranking updates.
  • Google integrations: You can easily integrate with Google Search Console and Google Analytics and track everything in a single place.
  • SERP features: You can track SERP features such as image packs, sitelinks, featured snippets, and more.

AccuRanker Pricing

AccuRanker Pricing Plans

Like several other options on this list, Accuranker will charge based on the number of keywords you want to track. However, all plans will allow unlimited domains and unlimited users, API access, third-party integrations, and more.

The minimum pricing you must pay is $129 for 1,000 keywords. The price you will pay for tracking 50,000 keywords is $2,769 a month. If you want to track more than 50,000 keywords, there will offer a custom price.


If you run an SEO agency and want something that will let you check your keyword positions in a blink of an eye, AccuRanker is the fastest option you will get.


Best Rank Checker Tool for SEO Professionals & Marketing Agencies

Just like Ahrefs, Semrush is a full-scale SEO toolkit. It has an accurate rank tracker tool that you can use for checking the positions of your keywords every day. Furthermore, you can use the tool to track domain, subdomain, and URL rankings using data from Google.

Data filtering is possible using 16 SERP features. The tool can tell which keyword triggers which SERP feature. The problem is that though the platform is incredibly powerful, it is also incredibly complex for noobs. There is a steep learning curve, and you may have to invest weeks and months to understand how the platform works.

Semrush will allow you to keep an eye on your key terms at local and national levels. You can even track your key terms for desktop and mobile search results. Since Semrush is a full SEO suite, you can perform backlink analysis, site audit, keyword research, competitor analysis, and more to improve your search engine ranking.

Semrush Key Features

  • Advanced rank tracking: Track Google rankings for your keywords and filter data using various SERP features.
  • Competitor analysis: Semrush allows tracking the SEO approach and keywords of your competitors and performing a comparative analysis of your methods.
  • Keyword segmentation and discovery: You can segment and organize keywords using tags. You can even research new key terms and phrases to design your content strategy.
  • Share of Voice: The Share of Voice feature will reveal your website’s performance for all combined searches.
  • Alerts: In the event of a critical position change, you will receive an alert. You can then adjust your SEO policy accordingly.

Semrush Pricing

Semrush pricing

Semrush is one of the most expensive SEO toolkits you will ever find. The tool is primarily used by SEO agencies and professionals. Thus, if you have a small budget, this tool is not for you. However, if you are interested, you can test their free trial for 7 days. The trail is applicable only for their Pro and Guru plans. There are three pricing tiers:

Pro: $119.95 a month

  • Up to 5 projects.
  • Daily tracking of up to 500 keywords.
  • Keyword, backlink, and domain analytics.

Guru: $229.95 a month

  • Up to 15 projects
  • Daily tracking of up to 1,500 keywords.
  • Keyword, backlink, and domain analytics.
  • Historical data.

Business: $449.95 a month

  • Up to 40 projects
  • Daily tracking of up to 5,000 key terms.
  • Keyword, backlink, and domain analytics.
  • Historical data.


If you have a big SEO budget for your agency and you need a highly advanced SEO toolkit with the ability to check keyword position, Semrush is second to none.

Moz Pro Rank Checker

Best Tool for Keyword Research
Moz Pro

Moz is also a full-scale SEO suite, but it is primarily known for Moz Keyword Explorer and Moz Rank. Moz created the Moz Rank feature after Google removed its Page Rank feature. Though Moz Rank isn’t very relevant today, the Moz Keyword Explorer happens to be one of the finest. However, Moz also offers a rank checker for your key terms, a link explorer (for checking your backlinks), and a whole lot of other features.

Moz’s keyword tracking tool can not only track the performance of your key terms but also provide rankings of the potential key terms that you can potentially use. It can also generate instant ranking reports to aid you with your SEO efforts.

Moz Pro Key Features

  • Long-term tracking: The tool can track your key terms for the long term, making it perfect for continuously adjusting your SEO efforts.
  • Research: You can use the tool to find key terms with a high volume of searches. Search volume estimates of Moz Pro are about 95% accurate.
  • Keyword difficulty: The tool can tell you how difficult it will be to rank for certain key terms.
  • Sorting: It allows keyword sorting using predictive metrics.
  • Website audit: The tool will audit your website to find SEO problems. You can fix them to improve your search engine ranking.

Moz Pro Pricing

Moz Pro Pricing Plans

Moz Pro is expensive but it has a 30-day free trial. It is one of the leading SEO tools in the world that is suitable for SEO agencies and small businesses. There are four pricing tiers:

Standard: Costs $99 a month

  • Track 300 key terms.
  • 150 keyword queries a month.
  • 5,000 backlink queries per month.
  • 100,000 pages crawled per month.

Medium: Costs $179 a month

  • Track 1,500 key terms.
  • 5,000 keyword queries a month.
  • 20,000 backlink queries per month.
  • 500,000 pages crawled per month.

Large: Costs $299 a month

  • Track 3,000 key terms.
  • 15,000 keyword queries a month.
  • 70,000 backlink queries per month.
  • 1,250,000 pages crawled per month.

Premium: Costs $599 a month

  • Track 4,500 key terms.
  • 30,000 keyword queries a month.
  • 100,000 backlink queries per month.
  • 2,000,000 pages crawled per month.

Moz Pro

If you need a powerful SEO toolkit with a powerful keyword research tool and accurate search volume estimates along with keyword position tracking, Moz Pro is for you.

Advanced Web Ranking

Best for White Label Reports
Advanced Web Ranking

One of the most popular SEO rank tracking tools, the Advanced Web Ranking program offers both weekly and daily ranking data. However, if you want, you can pull on-demand data. You can track your key terms for both mobile searches and local searches. SERP feature comparison is also available with this tool.

If you want, you can compare your site’s performance against that of your competitors and understand where they are beating you in the game. You can use the comparative data to improve your SEO blueprint and gain a position in search engine results pages or SERPs.

You can pull white label reports and arrange the data layout according to your preferences.

Advanced Web Ranking Key Features

  • SERP tracking: You can track all SERP features and compare them with your competitors.
  • Google integration: You can integrate the tool with Google Ads (formerly AdWords), Search Console, and Google Analytics.
  • Keyword difficulty: The tool will also provide you with the difficulty score for each key term. Thus, you can focus on those that have high search volume but low difficulty.
  • Report sharing: It allows white-label SEO reporting and sharing them with team members or with your clients.

Advanced Web Ranking Pricing

Advanced Web Ranking Pricing Plans

Though it is one of the best rank tracking software tools available, it is fairly priced that allows people with a low SEO budget to use the program. There are four pricing tiers available:

Starter: Costs $49 a month

  • SERP features tracking and competitor insights.
  • Keyword difficulty score.
  • Track 2,000 key terms.
  • White label reporting.

Pro: Costs $99 a month

  • All features of the Starter plan.
  • Track 7,000 keywords (5,000 more than Starter)
  • Competitor discovery.
  • Market share.

Agency: Costs $199 a month

  • All features in the Pro plan.
  • Track 14,500 key terms (7,500 more than Pro)
  • Volume for local searches.
  • Historical ranking imports.
  • Search console country tracking.
  • 1-hour updates.

Enterprise: Starts at $499 a month

  • All features in the Agency plan.
  • Track 35,500 key terms (21,000 more than Agency).
  • Data migration assistance.
  • Priority support.

Advanced Web Ranking

If you must submit white label reports to your clients with accurate data on the web ranking of their keywords, Advanced Web Ranking should be the obvious choice.

SEO Powersuite

Best Free Rank Tracking Tool

In case you don’t want to spend money on a rank tracker tool and yet want something powerful, SEO Powersuite is perhaps the best option for you. This is a desktop application that you must install on your computer and have an active internet connection to make it work. They provide a forever-free plan that will allow unlimited website and unlimited keyword tracking.

Even in its free version, SEO Powersuite will provide various SEO features such as on-page search engine optimization, social SEO, competitor rank tracking, backlink checker, etc.

The problem is that the SEO features you will receive with the free variant are quite limited in functionality. It will allow you to track just one competitor, track only 1,100 backlinks, and audit only 500 pages of your website. However, I must agree that the free offerings are more than enough for starter websites.

What is interesting is that they have a completely separate program called Rank Tacker for keyword position tracking. You can use it as a standalone program. You don’t need the entire suite. You can use the Rank Tracker for free or you can upgrade.

SEO Powersuite Key Features

  • Accurate tracker: The rank tracker is very accurate and it will give you a host of data including specific rankings, search volumes, related graphs, etc.
  • Powerful backlink tracking: There are 50+ factors that the program uses to analyze your backlinks. The data can help you to create a robust backlink-building strategy.
  • Deep competitor analysis: The tool offers in-depth competitor analysis that can help you to understand their SEO blueprint and modify yours to outsmart them.
  • Website audit: The program offers an in-depth audit of your website’s pages to help you improve your on-page optimizations and increase your search engine rankings.
  • Reports: The program generates easy-to-understand, and yet, powerful reports. Unfortunately, free users cannot use this feature.

SEO Powersuite Pricing

SEO Powersuite Pricing Plans

SEO Powersuite has straightforward pricing. There are three pricing tiers:

Free plan: Always free

  • Monitor unlimited websites and keywords.
  • Track one competitor.
  • Track 1,100 backlinks.

Professional: $299 per year

  • Monitor unlimited websites and keywords.
  • Track 5 competitors.
  • Track unlimited backlinks.

Enterprise: $499 per year

  • Monitor unlimited websites and keywords.
  • Track 40 competitors.
  • Track unlimited backlinks.

SEO Powersuite

No SEO budget? No problem! Use SEO Powersuite for free for as long as your need. You can upgrade later when your blog or website starts earning money.

Best Rank Tracking Tools: FAQ

What Are the Best Rank Tracking Tools for SEO?

Depending on your needs, you will be in the position to determine the best keyword rank tracking software for SEO. If you need something simple and something within budget, Sitecheker is the best option because of its lowest entry price. However, SE Ranking, Mangools SERPWatcher, and Wincher are also quite affordable.

But if you want an industry-leading SEO suite with the ability to provide keyword ranking data, Ahrefs, Semrush, and Moz Pro are the best in business. Unfortunately, they are expensive.

What I can say for sure is that all the options listed above can get the job done. They all offer precise rank tracking with easy reporting and actionable insights.

What to Look For in Rank Tracking Software?

While shortlisting the best rank tracker tools, look for the following things:

1. Data update frequency.

2. Number of terms you can track.

3. Supported search engines and devices.

4. Ability to organize and sort data.

5. Ease of report creation and sharing.

6. Your needs (whether you need a full SEO suite or just a rank tracker).

7. Your preference for application type (installable software, SaaS application, or a browser app).

Are There Any Free Rank Trackers?

Yes, there are free rank tracker tools like Google Search Console and SEO Powersuite. However, remember that Google Search Console is very limited in features. For instance, you cannot add terms you want to track. Thus, it is preferable to use professional software alongside Google’s offering.

How Can I Improve the Ranking of My Keywords?

Start by using a rank checker tool to gain insights about your own keywords and your competitors. If you notice that your competitor is performing better (has a better position for the same term), analyze the competitor’s content and note the things that you can do to improve your content.

If your content is relevant, the bounce rate will be low, which is one of the factors for ranking. Plus, if your content is relevant to the corresponding search query, search engines will send more traffic to your page.

But there is more that you need to do. Once you improve your content and make it more relevant for readers, focus on internal linking and backlinks for the content page. Finally, look into its loading speed. Page speed also matters.

Is Rank Tracking Data Important for All Search Engines?

It completely depends on your SEO blueprint. If you want to track your key terms for only one search engine (which is usually Google), it is absolutely fine.

However, do not forget the power of Bing and Yahoo! Both of them can send you a sizeable amount of traffic and help to increase your revenue.

In fact, one of my several sites gets 48% traffic from Bing searches. Why would you want to not optimize your content for other search engines and lose traffic?

My Top 5 Picks of Best Rank Tracking Software

I have used every tool that I have listed here. Of course, I restricted some of them to free trials only, but for others, I paid. Semrush & Moz Pro never made it to my paid tests.

I ended their use once the free trials ended. Semrush is too complicated for my requirements while Moz Pro seems a bit archaic in its navigational simplicity.

I currently use Ahrefs because it is fairly simple (some learning curve is there) and incredibly powerful. It not only allows me to track my keywords but also fulfills all my SEO needs. But I must agree that SERPWatcher, SE Ranking, Sitechecker, and Wincher are incredibly simple to use.

If you ask me, here is my list of top 5 options:

  1. SERPWatcher
  2. SE Ranking
  3. Sitechecker
  4. Wincher
  5. Ahrefs

Closing Remarks

The list of the best rank tracker software mentioned above is not complete. There are several other programs that you can try. The only reason to not include them in this list is that too many options can create confusion.

That’s why some websites will list only the 7 best keyword rank tracking software while others will list the best 5. Some will list more than 11. But I always find 10 to be the sweet spot where you get enough options without getting overwhelmed.

Remember, you must keep an eye on the positions of all your keywords in Google and other major search engines if you want to beat your competitors in the SEO game.

If you cannot afford any paid program listed here, try SEO Powersuite along with Google Search Console. They will be more than enough to fulfill your initial needs. Later, when your site grows and you start earning money, you can switch to a paid option.

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