Kinsta Review – WordPress Host with 99.9% Uptime & 458ms Load Time. It’s Dope!

If you are looking for a reliable managed WordPress hosting provider, Kinsta is by far the best in business, and this Kinsta review will tell you why.

If you can afford it, this WordPress hosting provider will take out all the technical complexities of hosting a website and leave you with three tasks –

  • First – focus on your content.
  • Second – focus on marketing your content.
  • Third – earn money from your content.

Your content can be anything from a simple information blog to a full-scale eCommerce site to a very active social media platform powered by BuddyPress or bbPress.

So, what makes Kinsta such a great choice for hosting your WordPress site? We are going to find the answer in this Kinsta review.

9Expert Score
Kinsta Review

Premium managed WordPress hosting with SLA-backed 99.9% uptime guarantee, world-class security, and scalable cloud hosting with Google Compute Engine integration.

User Interface
  • Fast load time
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Handpicked software stack
  • Free content delivery
  • SLA-backed 99.9% uptime
  • World-class security
  • No email features
  • Damn expensive
  • No phone support

Kinsta WordPress Hosting Review: TL;DR

  • Kinsta provides blazing-fast hosting. Remember, Google doesn’t like slow sites.
  • They offer Google cloud server hosting which offers the best security, speed, and reliability. Plus, it allows for instant scaling during traffic spikes.
  • The platform offers free CDN (content delivery network) powered by Cloudflare.
  • Kinsta gives a streamlined and unified dashboard to control everything from backups to staging, from updates to speed tuning and more.
  • You can request free migration from the Kinsta dashboard. They will take care of it with no downtime.

What is Kinsta?

Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting provider. You can host your website on Kinsta as long as it is powered by WordPress.

Since Kinsta is a managed hosting, you don’t have to worry about the technical upkeep of your server. Kinsta will take care of everything from backups to malware removal to DDoS protection, CDN, SSL, software updates, etc.

Who is Kinsta for?

Kinsta is for those people who want to build a website powered by WordPress, but are looking for a solution that will allow them to bypass server management entirely.

Managing a server is very technical. It involves many tasks including OS updates, software updates, firewall implementation, malware scans, and more.

Not only are these things overwhelmingly difficult and complex for the majority of bloggers and webmasters, but they also take a lot of time to deal with.

So, if you are not comfortable handling all those things and you want to focus on your website content, Kinsta is for you.

Kinsta WordPress Hosting Pros & Cons

Let’s get into the details of every advantage and disadvantage of Kinsta.

Kinsta Hosting Service Advantages

Speed – Kinsta is fast

Speed Matters.

Don’t ignore it, but don’t even obsess over it!

As long as your website is loading fast enough, you are good to go. You should usually target for 1 to 2 seconds for your webpage to fully load on a desktop device. For mobile devices, target for 3-4 seconds. You can go up to 6 seconds for mobile devices, but not more than that.

If you obsess about getting your webpage load time to 1 second or below for both desktop and mobile devices, that’s totally your choice, but a bad one!

Honestly, I don’t care much about the nitty-gritty of server response time, time to first byte, and so on! 

An end-user is not going to understand that shitty technical stuff. 

What they look for is how quickly your webpage loads on the device they are using.

Here are the test results for my Kinsta-hosted site loading on desktop devices from India, the USA, and the UK nodes:



Here is the visual proof (click on each image to enlarge):

That’s just brilliant page load speed!

Mind it!

My site is a complete site with a proper WordPress theme, a proper caching plugin, and stupidly designed welcome page, properly optimized images, and so on.

If you test a rudimentary new site with the bare WordPress installation, you can clock faster speeds.

But that’s not what you want.

Your visitors will be looking at your active and well-designed site with proper content. So, unlike other reviewers, I always test my sites for speed in the final avatar.

Kinsta Gives Cloud Infrastructure

A cloud host uses virtual server space offered by a massive and complex network of actual physical servers. This allows for easy scalability, high flexibility, and very reliable speeds.

So, when you are purchasing cloud hosting, it is powered by many physical servers instead of a single server as in the case of shared hosting, VPS hosting, or dedicated hosting.

Kinsta utilizes Google cloud server hosting.

It uses the private fiber network of Google, which happens to be one of the world’s largest with some regions clocking a speed of 10,000 TB per second.

Kinsta Architecture

Kinsta uses the Premium Tier of Google Cloud Platform, which implies that you get the best security, speed, and performance.

Moreover, there are 29 global locations of Google cloud server hosting. So, you can select a data center location that is geographically close to the majority of your visitors.

Handpicked Software

The usual software stack for most of the leading shared hosting providers in the world is LAMP = Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

Kinsta does it a bit differently.

For Kinsta, the combination is

  • Linux – best for the security and stability of the server.
  • Nginx – low-weight and faster web server compared to Apache.
  • MariaDB – much better than MySQL database.
  • PHP – you must have this.

That’s a killer combo.

Moreover, Kinsta uses LXD-managed hosts and orchestrated LXC software containers (see the Kinsta architecture image above).

Too technical?

My bad!

Simply put, LXC containers (or just Linux Containers) are virtual containers that are managed by an open-source extension called LXD.

You can basically consider LXC containers as virtual servers where sites are located.

One LXD can manage multiple LXC containers and each LXC container hosts only one site. And each LXC container gets a share of hardware resources like RAM and CPU on an as-needed basis. 

This architecture or design keeps your site isolated with an automatic and appropriate allocation of hardware resources depending on your site’s traffic.

No wonder, Kinsta pricing plans never disclose the exact RAM and CPU resources you will get.

Don’t worry about that! You will get as much as needed. Remember! Cloud hosting offers scalability and flexibility.

So, if there is a sudden spike in your site traffic and it needs more RAM and more CPU cores, the virtual machines will allocate the necessary resources to the LXC container hosting your site.

Kinsta CDN for Free

Kinsta has partnered with Cloudflare to provide free CDN to its users. Don’t worry! They aren’t giving you Cloudflare’s free tier. They have Cloudflare’s enterprise plan integrated right into their hosting.

Cloudflare is one of the largest CDNs in the world with 200 locations in more than 100 countries. Other content delivery network providers like Stackpath, KeyCDN (Kinsta initially partnered with KeyCDN to provide Kinsta CDN), Bunny CDN, etc. have less than 60 PoPs or Points-of-Presence.

No wonder, your site will get global CDN coverage.

Plus, Cloudflare gives HTTP/3 support, which is better than HTTP/2 and ensures faster SSL handshakes and 0-RTT support (necessary for the security of your site).

You must take CDNs seriously because:

  • During traffic surges, a content delivery network prevents your server from getting overwhelmed.
  • It can offload nearly 70% of bandwidth requests from your hosting server.
  • It can reduce load time by as much as 50%.

Even better, Kinsta actually bundled content delivery and caching technologies together, making it easy to manage everything related to content delivery and caching right from your dashboard.

99.9% Guaranteed Uptime

Okay, every host claims 99.9% uptime. But if they are not backing this up with SLA (service level agreement), walk away.

Kinsta, on the other hand, offers 99.9% guaranteed uptime with SLA backing. They can do this because of cloud hosting infrastructure.

In fact, Kinsta actually performs uptime checks every minute. If there is an error response code and they fail to resolve it within 30 minutes, they will give you a credit that will show up on your account dashboard.

They stick with this guarantee 365 days a year and 24 hours a day!

Kinsta Hosting Platform Disadvantages

Email Hosting is Absent

Your website needs a professional email address and not your personal email address. Kinsta doesn’t offer email plans, and they don’t intend to provide them anytime in the near or far future.

I personally prefer to have my email hosting separate, but not everyone likes that. You may be a type of webmaster who prefers to have everything managed under a single roof.

However, Kinsta recommends and supports hosting email with GSuite. You can easily configure MX, TXT, and other relevant records from the Kinsta dashboard. But you will anyway need to pay extra for GSuite.

It’s Damn Expensive

Yeah, I love Kinsta, but the truth is, it is damn expensive and the monthly visitor count limitations they set are pretty stifling.

Their minimum package starts at $35 for 25,000 visitors a month and goes all the way up to $1,650 a month for 2,500,000 visitors a month.

That’s the reason why I prefer Rocket Managed WordPress Hosting which offers 250,000 visitors a month for $30 and offers nearly the same set of features as Kinsta.

No Telephone Support

Kinsta does not provide any telephone support. While many people may not be missing this, some definitely prefer to have telephone support, and hence, consider this as a disadvantage. However, Kinsta defends its decision to not open the phone support channel.

According to Kinsta, for technical support, written logs and screenshots are better because they allow the tech support team to get a complete understanding of the issue without forcing the customer to repeat everything over and over during repeated contacts.

Somewhere, I feel that’s very good logic. Moreover, they have customers from across the world. There will be timing and language barriers that can increase the cost of operations for Kinsta.

Kinsta is already very expensive. Trying to implement phone support can very well mean that they will increase the hosting prices to cover the increased expenses.

Kinsta Web Host: Features

Kinsta offers a host of interesting and powerful features that make operating a WordPress site a pleasant experience. Here is what Kinsta has to offer:

User-Friendly Dashboard

If you have used cPanel and/or Plesk, you know that though they are not very difficult to use, they are quite clunky and cluttered. Rookies will easily get a scare!

Kinsta takes out all the complexities of server management with a well-designed and user-friendly dashboard with simple left navigation.


Everything you need to manage your site(s) is neatly arranged and all menu items can be accessed from the left sidebar menu.

Easy Installation & Management

Installing a WordPress website with Kinsta is simple.

From the dashboard’s left navigation panel, click on the ‘Sites’ menu option and then click on the ‘Add Site’ button on the top right corner.


You will next find the option to install WordPress.


You will need to add a few additional details before you can proceed with the installation.


You can then proceed with the installation by following the on-screen prompts. It’s a cakewalk even for first-timers.

You can host multiple sites on Kinsta from a single account and manage all of them from one area.


Free Site Migration

No matter which Kinsta WordPress web hosting plan you select, you will receive at least one free migration. Their expert team will move your site to Kinsta from your previous host with zero downtime.


Though I don’t find migration difficult, it is akin to rocket science for many people. So, it is better that you let Kinsta handle the migration for you.

Kinsta supports site migration from many hosts including WP Engine, Cloudways, Pantheon, SiteGround, Flywheel, etc.

There are some limitations, though. You must read the terms before requesting a free migration.

One-Click Staging Environment

A staging environment will allow you to test new WordPress versions, plugins, and custom codes in a safe environment. A staging site is essentially a replica of your money site but not accessible to the world.


Once you test all updates and codes on the staging site, you can push the new changes to the money site with a click of a button.

I usually recommend using this feature because adding updates and custom codes to the money site may break the site, leading to a bad user experience.

Even better, the staging feature of Kinsta will also allow you to decide whether you want to push live only the database changes or all other changes you made.


One thing to remember is that since this feature is for development, testing, and debugging, full-page cache and OPcache remain disabled. But you can enable them if you want to test site speed.

This is one of many aspects of Kinsta web hosting that WordPress experts love!

Kinsta APM Tool

Kinsta gives a free custom WordPress performance monitoring tool known as Kinsta APM. APM stands for Application Performance Monitoring.

This tool is available to every Kinsta user.

What does the tool do?

It captures information with timestamps about PHP processes, external HTTP calls, MySQL database queries, etc. You can use the information to debug your website’s poor performance.

In the hands of WordPress developers, the Kinsta APM tool is a magic wand.

Auto Scaling of Resources

Kinsta’s premium hosting comes with auto-scaling of resources. It means that Kinsta will automatically scale or increase the CPUs and RAM if your website suddenly experiences traffic spikes.

How far can they scale? Pretty much unlimited!

That is possible because Kinsta integrates with Google Compute Engine. So, during heavy traffic spikes, your site will remain afloat without crashing.

With most hosting solutions, you will usually stay constrained to 2 to 6 vCPUs and a limited RAM allocation. This is especially true in the case of VPS solutions.


Auto-scaling is not free!

There are overage charges. Whenever your monthly visit caps exceed Kinsta will charge $1 for every 1,000 extra visits.

Good thing? That extra price will ensure that your site never crashes.

Kinsta Review: Premium Security

Kinsta is a premium managed WordPress hosting solution and offers top-notch security features. Here is what all Kinsta packages offer by default:

Free SSL and CDN

With Kinsta you will receive free SSL that you can activate with a single click. An SSL certificate keeps user data secured, conveys trust, prevents attackers from creating your site’s fake version, and more.

Kinsta provides wildcard SSL support through Cloudflare integration. Plus, there is this Cloudflare CDN feature that helps to prevent DDoS attacks.

Easy Automatic Backups

You must back up your site from time to time to prevent unexpected losses caused by factors like hacking, malware injection, accidental site deletion, etc.

Kinsta offers easy automatic and manual backup options. Depending on your WP hosting plan, Kinsta will retain your backups for 14 days, 20 days, or 30 days.


If you also define the backup frequency. You can set it to daily or hourly backups. There is an option of downloading the backups, too!

But remember that if you want hourly backups or 6-hourly backups, you need to pay extra.


Don’t go for hourly or 6-hourly backups unless you need additional restore points.

Hack Fix Guarantee

There aren’t many WordPress hosting companies that offer this. Kinsta will remove malware from your website once it is hacked. However, this guarantee has several clauses.

  1. They will restore your site and remove the hack if your WordPress website is hacked while being hosted with Kinsta.
  2. There should not be any nulled theme or plugin on your site.
  3. If your site is already hacked before migrating to Kinsta, they will charge $100 to remove the hack and then migrate your site.
  4. If there are custom codes or non-WordPress components, Kinsta will not cover them.

You can read about their security guarantee here.

Constant Monitoring

Kinsta monitors uptime every 2 minutes. That’s 720 times a day. If the site is down, Kinsta will quickly restore it back. If there is downtime for more than 43 minutes in 30 days, their uptime guarantee kicks in and you will receive SLA credits.

Two-Factor Authentication

Kinsta also offers a two-factor authentication feature based on an authenticator app. You can enable this feature from your MyKinsta dashboard.


I strongly recommend that you enable this feature to keep your hosting account safe.

Security Patches & Updates

Irrespective of the hosting package you select, Kinsta will take care of installing updates and security patches as and when they are available.

Kinsta continuously scans its network for malware and spyware and even blocks DDoS attacks and code injections. You don’t need to worry about any of those things.


Not many people think about nameservers but they are important for the continuous availability of your website. Unlike most WordPress hosts that offer only 2 nameservers, the Kinsta website hosting service offers 4 with different website suffixes such as .org and .net.

Thus, even if one is down, the others will ensure that your site remains online.

Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting: Customer Support

For any WordPress hosting service (or for that matter, any hosting service), providing stellar customer support is important. And Kinsta excels in this.


If your site is hosted on the Kinsta platform, you can access their 24×7 live chat in case you need any help. You can access the service directly from your MyKinsta control panel.


I usually prefer live chat, but if you need it, they also have a ticket system that also works 24×7.

What is interesting is that Kinsta’s support team is made entirely of WP developers and Linux system engineers. They don’t have different levels of support. In fact, in most cases, you will have your issue resolved during the first contact.

In the case of overly complex issues, there may be some back and forth, but their team of WordPress hosting experts will get things sorted out.

They also have a robust and info-packed blog alongside a thorough knowledge base that is often good enough to resolve most of the basic problems.

Kinsta Hosting Solution: Pricing

Time to see a grim scenario!

An excellent hosting experience, faster hosting, unlimited scaling, and stellar customer service – you will get everything when you choose to host your website with Kinsta.


You must pay a high price for all those goodies!

Kinsta’s hosting plans are expensive. You must have deep pockets, especially when you are a fresh blogger with little to no online experience and no revenue stream flowing in from your site.

WordPress hosting packages at Kinsta start at $35 a month and go all the way up to $1,650 a month.

Here is a comparison table for the Starter plan, the Pro plan, and the Business 1 plan:


There are more plans that include Business 2, Business 3, Business 4, Enterprise 1, Enterprise 2, Enterprise 3, and Enterprise 4.

What is disturbing is the amount of disk space and the number of visitors you get against the high price you pay. The disk space is of special concern if you are building any image-heavy site (for example, a photography site or a memes site).

There are other managed WordPress hosting companies that offer exceptional services like Kinsta but at a lower price point.

Kinsta Review 2022: My Final Remarks

I cannot disagree! Kinsta is one of the finest managed hosting companies for WordPress sites with exceptional WordPress management features.

But I also cannot deny that it is not budget-friendly for most first-time bloggers. There are many other good hosting companies that offer comparable services at a lower price point.

Though Kinsta hosts my website at the time of writing this review, I will move soon to a raw cloud host called Kamatera, because I prefer handling server management by myself.

If you have money and zero tenacity to learn server management (to some extent), Kinsta is undeniably the best your money can buy.

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